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Sierra Nevada Mid-Atlantic Beer Camp Tour

Sierra Nevada’s exciting collaboration beer camp tour with craft breweries across the United States continued on August 2, 2014, with a stop in Philadelphia. The MarchFourth Marching Band, hailing from Portland, OR, was exuberant and a fun way to close out what was probably one of the best beer festivals I’ve ever attended. Included here are photographs and video from the event. Cheers!

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin {Rainey Street Edition}

I will be the first person to tell you that this should not be taken as any sort of definitive guide of where to eat in Austin. I didn’t have nearly enough time to explore the city and eat all the food. That’s okay, it just means I’ll have to go back and eat drink explore some more.

Local Austinites, I’m sure, have about two dozen other places to eat and drink that they prefer over what is listed here. Are you from Austin? Travel there often? What else belongs on this non-definitive guide? I’ll add it to the growing list of where I need to go next time.

I was only in Austin for five meals, the other meals we had at Austin Psych Fest or at HausBar Farms and Guesthouse. This limited our exposure to the dining scene. The parameters for our search included but was not limited to: tacos, BBQ, craft beer, Texas craft beer, and Texas border cooking. 

Here is part one of a two-part series on where we ate food and drank beer and margaritas in Austin, Texas. I’ll call this the Rainey Street Edition.

Food, craft beer, and travel is a trifecta of happiness.

Rainey Street. Parking is a crooked and haphazard affair where sidewalks can’t be found, laughter is loud, and what appears to have once been a small community has evolved into a bustling enclave for bars and restaurants. 


Banger’s is located on hip and chaotic Rainey Street in Austin.

 There is outside and inside seating at Banger’s, the former consisting of long family-style picnic tables piled into a large courtyard. Entry doors lead inside where porcine taxidermy overlooks additional family-style tables and a tap list of over 100 beers.

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin

Banger’s prides itself as having the largest selection of sausages in Austin and they offer meats like duck, antelope, venison, and more common varieties containing pork and chicken. 

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin
From left to right: Southern Anteleope & Venison Merguez, Dak Bulgogi

Of course I had to get the Southern Texas Antelope & Venison Merguez, because where else am I going to find Southern Texas Antelope in Pennsylvania? It was mildly spiced but not spicy and surprisingly moist inside a casing that popped with every bite. I’ll be honest, though, the Dak Bulgogi that my friend chose was amazing. From Banger’s menu, the Dak Bulgogi: 

Bulgogi Chicken Sausage topped with sriracha, kimchi, oyster sauce, cilantro, carrots, and jalapenos on a kolache bun with a side of soy caramel lime. Served with a house made kimchi salad and sun dried shrimp chips.


The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin

With such a huge variety of craft beer, outstanding sausage and a poutine dish worth sharing with your friends, the laid-back atmosphere at Banger’s is definitely a place I’d go back to again and again.

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin

They also offer menu items like fried cheese curds, currywurst, boiled peanuts, a michelada bar, and beer milkshakes.

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin

If you want to get a tattoo of the cute Banger’s logo, a hybrid cowboy boot/beer mug, talk to your server. Apparently they have a deal with a local tattoo shop and it’s free. 

I should have gotten one. Talk about awesome conversation-starting souvenirs. Banger’s, we’re talking about this tattoo the next time I’m in town, okay?

They have live music, many events, and are dog-friendly.

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin

The legends of their founder, Olaf Gufstafson Banger (OG Banger), are colorful. See their website to read all about him.

Now I want a sausage.

Banger's WebsiteBanger's Facebooktwitter


Craft Pride

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin

Craft Pride is also located on Rainey Street, close to Banger’s and wholly dedicated to all things Texan and craft. There is a small bottle and merch shop, inside seating that is decorated richly but simply, and outside seating areas.

The interior walls are black with an ornate pattern, the comfortably curved barstool-style seats at the pub tables are covered in black leather(ette) and heavily studded at the arms. On the ceiling is a large cut-out wooden plank relief of the Lone Star State, appropriately decorated with a single illuminated star.

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin

You will only find craft beer made in Texas at Craft Pride, with offerings from more than 20 breweries taking up 54 taps and 2 casks from breweries like Live Oak, Hops & Grain, and Saint Arnold. The staff is knowledgeable and happy to answer questions about the beer that is served there. If you don’t understand a style, just ask!

The Non-Definitive But Delicious Guide: Where To Eat In Austin
Detroit-style Carnivore Pizza from Via 313

If you need something to nosh on while at Craft Pride, head out back to the courtyard and order one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, an exotic Detroit-style pie. Via 313 is a food truck that is parked behind Craft Pride and sells pizza by pie, consisting of four corner slices. One pie was plenty of food for two people. 

But what is Detroit-style pizza?

For starters, it’s delicious. The crust is crunchy and full of cheesy grease-soaked flavor, the toppings are piled on the crust and the sauce gets spread on top. We chose the Carnivore pizza and it was truly memorable, what with its pepperoni, ham, sausage, and bacon. The menu also includes The 500 (with pepperoni, jalapeños and pineapple), the Continental (prosciutto, arugula, and parmesan), and the Omnivore (cremini mushrooms, sweet onions, green pepper, pepperoni, and hot Italian sausage). Order your pizza, sit back down with your beer and an order number placard, and have it delivered right to you.

Craft Pride has events like Flight Nights, release parties, and live music. When stepping out on Rainey Street, Craft Pride and Banger’s are great options for you.

Craft Pride: WebsiteBanger's Facebooktwitter

Via 313: WebsiteBanger's Facebooktwitter

I hope you enjoyed this first post in my Non-Definitive but Delicious Guide of Where to Eat in Austin, the Rainey Street edition! Check back next time for Guero’s Taco Bar and one or two more locations.

Beer Camp Across America

The Mid-Atlantic Stop on the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America Tour

Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America 2014 is an innovative new event that is happening nationwide this summer. It is a celebration put in motion by Sierra Nevada but what makes it special is that it’s for the entire craft beer community. The Beer Camp will begin on July 19th in Chico, CA, and pass through five other cities before culminating in Mills River, NC, where Sierra Nevada is opening their second facility this year {congratulations!}.

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp

Beer Camp Across America


Sierra Nevada has given all breweries an open invitation to showcase their craft at each Beer Camp location. In the Mid-Atlantic stop held at Penn Treaty Park in Philadelphia, local breweries will have the opportunity to pour beer beside breweries like Ninkasi, 3 Floyds, Ballast Point, and Firestone Walker. Proceeds from the Mid-Atlantic stop will go to Brewers of PA, an organization that exists to support the craft beer community in Pennsylvania and stay abreast of laws that affect the industry.


We have a saying in this industry that the craft brewing community is 99% asshole free.” – Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Brewery

Every Beer Camp location will offer five hours of beer sampling, entertainment provided by the March Fourth Marching Band, a commemorative sample glass, and a collection of food vendors (note: food is not included in the cost of your ticket).

There are 12 breweries creating collaboration beers with Sierra Nevada and they will be released in 12-packs, an adventurous and bold undertaking. These beers will be available at every Beer Camp stop as well as being packaged for resale. This is a video about the collaboration and it brought tears to my eyes to watch it and hear the passion and love that this industry has for its art and for each other. Please watch it and share with your friends!

Sierra Nevada had its start like many other breweries, right at home. It is always an inspiration to see homebrewers taste success through their art.

What Mid-Atlantic breweries will you see in Philadelphia?

This festival is open to any and all breweries in PA, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, DC, and New Jersey. If you’re a brewery and not representing yourself at this festival, why not!? I’m happy to see these local breweries among those who will be pouring at Philly’s Beer Camp:

Spring House Brewing Company

South County Brewing Company

Tröegs Brewing Company

Victory Brewing Company

Lancaster Brewing Company

Liquid Hero Brewing Company

St. Boniface Brewing Company


What other details should you know?

Beer Camp Across America
Photo courtesy of Sierra Nevada

The date for the Mid-Atlantic stop is Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 and runs from 12pm-5pm. 

This is a 21+ event, for obvious reasons. No one under the age of 21 will be admitted, even if it’s a fresh wee one snuggled close to you in a carrier. Leave your pets at home because no one wants feathers or fur in their beer (plus they’re just not allowed at the festival).

Tickets will cost you $65 unless you’re entering as a DD, in which case you’ll pay $30. An ID will be required at the door to verify your age. There is a nominal fee that is charged for your online ticket purchase ($2.95 for the full entry with beer and $1.90 for the DD entry) and you’ll get your tickets in the email you provide. Tickets are non-refundable. 

Use the hashtag #beercamptour for this event.

You can travel along with the Beer Camp! I couldn’t handle it but maybe you can. Tickets for that cost $400.

Penn Treaty Park is located at 1341 North Delaware Ave in Philadelphia. 


Head to the Beer Camp Across America website for more information on the Mid-Atlantic and all the other stops.

I would love to make it to the Beer Camp experience. How about you?

Jester King Brewery, Where the Beer is Always Funky and Wild

Jester King Brewery, Where Every Beer is Funky and Wild

The day was bright and sunny with big puffy fair-weather clouds overhead that slid across a washed out Texas sky. This ranch land was the stuff of my dreams: patches of shading trees dotting a somewhat rolling landscape covered in an multicolored array of wildflowers. I’m sure I caught sight of zebras at one ranch we passed on the short drive out of Austin and into Texas Hill Country. It added to the magic I felt as soon as we exited the city and entered the wild.

Jester King Brewery, Where the Beer is Always Funky and Wild

We have been lucky enough to receive Jester King beer a few times in beer trades and having the opportunity to visit their brewery was a treat because their beer is not only finely crafted, it is uniquely their own. Their traditional farmhouse ales are brewed using wild yeasts captured and cultivated right on their 4-acre plot of ranch. While everything they create is done in the lambic-style, all is region-specific to Austin. Wild yeast in Austin is different than wild yeast in San Francisco and is different than wild yeast in Belgium. Yeast is everywhere, all around us, always hungry and searching for sugars to consume. In that respect, all yeasts are similar, but they differ from place to place in subtle ways. By using wild yeast, their own well water, and local grains, Jester King Brewery has created a product that is intrinsic to their own little corner of Texas Hill Country.

Every beer at Jester King is funky and wild.

Jester King Brewery was founded in 2010 by two brothers. The building in which they brew was once a machine shop and now houses a 30 bbl, or ~900 gallon, brewhouse. They are currently in the middle of an expansion and are excited about the future and their ability to create even more magic with the addition of a 30 bbl cool ship. A coolship looks like a giant shallow brownie pan and is used to hold the wort as it cools and becomes inoculated with the wild yeast in the air.

Jester King Brewery, Where the Beer is Always Funky and Wild

The word coolship is an English version of koelschip, a Dutch word for this type of vessel. 

For their barrel-aged beers, Jester King uses a cool ship to cool the wort and become inoculated with wild yeast before racking it straight to a barrel after 24 hours. Some of their beers are fermented in stainless tanks but the same wild yeast that inoculates the cool ship wort is used to inoculate the beer in the stainless tanks. When they first started brewing, they set wort on the roof to attract and harvest wild yeasts. They sent that off to a laboratory where they were able to determine exactly what wild yeasts were present on the property and from there they were able to replicate and cultivate the native yeast composition. 

Jester King doesn’t use a brite tank to condition their ales like many other commercial breweries. A brite tank is the place where the process of refining and clarifying the product of yeast and other large particulates continues after primary fermentation. It is also used for carbonation, and storage before kegging or bottling. Some breweries serve beer on tap directly from the brite tank.

The process from start to finish on some beers at Jester King takes two to six months or more. Their goal is quality and one phrase I heard several times by our knowledgeable tour guide was that they use “sensory analysis” to determine when a beer is ready. They’re on the yeast and beer’s timetable, not their own.  

Bottles are conditioned at least one month. Barrels that once held mezcal and wine are used to age beer and some get blended or reintroduced to fruits for additional dryness as the yeasties receive another serving of sugar. Something I always wonder is how often infection occurs when using wild yeasts in previously-used barrels. Our tour guide addressed that question.

Jester King Brewery, Where the Beer is Always Funky and Wild

“Barreled beer is aged at least a year before we perform a sensory analysis on its progress. About 10% of barrels may be infected and in that case we dump the beer,” at this point there was an audible gasp from the tour group, “and leave the barrels exposed to the air to give them time to get rid of the bad bacteria.”

Barrels provide a happy environment for oxygen-scavenging bugs.

Barrel-aged beer is conditioned for a period of time ranging between three to five years. The brewers at Jester King are like mad scientists, mixing and blending these beers and tasting and mixing some more until the farmhouse potions are just right. I envy their job, don’t you?

Everything at Jester King is done by hand – the bottling, capping, labeling – it’s all a labor of love.

What can you expect when visiting Jester King Brewery?

Jester King is open and airy, with many picnic tables set along the slope behind the brewery and the adjacent building housing Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza shop. Guests can play cornhole, take part in a free brewery tour (author’s note: always take the brewery tour), order pizza and have it delivered to your picnic table, and sample the many beverages that are offered at Jester King. I enjoyed being able to purchase small quantities of each beer, allowing me to try more varieties than if I had a full pint of just one or two.

Not only can you purchase samples of ale Jester King ale, there is an impressively curated selection of other regional beer, mead, wine, kombucha, and even cold-brewed coffee. You’ll also find many rare beers from all around the world.

This is a dog-friendly environment, as we found most places in Austin, and there were at least half a dozen hounds hanging out with their owners. 

Buy a bottle or several while you’re at Jester King. Take one home for a beer-loving friend. There are also shirts available for purchase in both men’s and women’s sizes and styles. I got a shirt for La Vie en Rose, a farmhouse ale refermented with raspberries.

Visiting Jester King Brewery is a must when traveling to Austin, whether you’re into beer or not. It is located only about 15 minutes outside the city but feels like a completely different type of world. 

It’s the type of world I could definitely make home.

You can find Jester King brewery on the web, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now

Pinterest is one of my favorite internet tools. If you’re a visual person who enjoys looking at organized lists of pretty pictures and you’re not on Pinterest, you should get on that. One of the best new-ish features on Pinterest is that there are unlimited “secret” boards so I can pin research for articles, gift ideas for friends and family, and all the exercise-oriented  stuff that I never use and no one is the wiser. 

Those are my secret boards. Guess they’re not so secret anymore!

Fine Craft Living
An all-around beautiful beer.

If you’re new to Pinterest, it can be daunting to get started. Where do you begin? What kind of boards should you create and who should you follow? For beginners, create whatever kind of boards make you happy! You can always edit them later and you really can’t go wrong. 

Pinterest will recommend boards and pinners for you to follow but if you’re looking for a few of my favorite pinners on Pinterest, here are some. And feel free to follow me, too. I recently passed 5,000 followers on Pinterest which is a huge milestone for me and I’m humbled and thrilled that so many people out there find my pins inspirational enough to feed their addiction along with me.

Because it is. Addicting. Pindiction?

I briefly tried to run two Pinterest boards, one for myself (Amber Roth De Grace) and one for Fine Craft Living. That was just too much, what with homeschooling two kids and freelance writing and running a household. I only have so many hours in the day, you guys! I’m just using my personal Pinterest now and have boards like Eat, Go, Drink, Hair, Self-Decoration, and Home.  As you can see, these already align well with what Fine Craft Living is all about. If you’re on Pinterest, check me out!  

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Amber Roth De Grace

Here are a few of my favorite boards and why you should follow them. There are many other fantastic ones out there but these are some whose content I re-pin most often.

Half Baked Harvest: food and recipes

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Half Baked Harvest pearls, gemstones, jewelry, travel, fashion

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living


 how sweet eats: food and recipes, home goods, arts and crafts, design, fashion

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
how sweet eats


  one part gypsy: clothing, bohemian everything, home goods

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
one part gypsy


 Plum Deluxe: travel, food, home goods, quotes, design

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Plum Deluxe


 Kathryn Meeker: travel

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Kathryn Meeker


 Bahamas Ministry of Tourism: all things Bahamas, food, travel, design, fashion

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism


 Stone Brewing Co.: craft beer, homebrew, travel, design, food and recipes

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Stone Brewing Co.


 Heather Physioc: vegetarian food and recipes, design, fashion

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Heather Physioc


 Four Peaks Brewing Company: craft beer, homebrew, food and recipes, design

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Four Peaks Brewing Company


 Haiku Kwon: travel, food and recipes, quotes

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Haiku Kwon


 My Life’s A Trip: travel

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
My Life’s A Trip


 Keegan Adriance: food and recipes, design, home goods, fashion

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Keegan Adriance


 Norrie Vladuchick: food and recipes, costuming, fashion, design, handcraft goods

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Norrie Vladuchick


 Megan Powell: craft beer, food and recipes, fashion, home goods, quotes

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Megan Powell


 Tabitha Phillips: food and recipes, childhood, home goods, fashion, handcraft goods

The 16 Best Pinterest Accounts To Follow Right Now | Fine Craft Living
Tabitha Phillips


  What are your favorite Pinterest accounts to follow?

Als of Hampden and Pizza Boy Brewing Company in Enola, PA

Al’s of Hampden and Pizza Boy Brewing Company in Enola, PA

I was invited to attend a beer writers’ meetup this past weekend by local celebrity, Sara Bozich (check out her site for all that’s hip in the Harrisburg area). There were several bloggers there who I’ve followed for quite awhile online and never met before so this was a fun opportunity to put voices to faces and names that up to this point have just been pictures and text on a computer screen.

We met at Al’s of Hampden in Enola, PA, and I was thrilled to have an excuse to check out their restaurant and brewery, Pizza Boy Brewing Company, for the first time. Their new facility is right around the corner from their previous location but they’ve gained a tremendous amount of space in the trade-up in brewing capacity, kitchen area, and seating area for patrons. During warm weather, you can sit on the  enclosed patio which has several garage-style doors that are opened to bring the outside ambiance into where you’re seated.

Als of Hampden and Pizza Boy Brewing Company in Enola, PA
Arck Angel 4IPA. Yes, a quad IPA. This big beer was right around 14% abv!

Al’s of Hampden’s menu includes a variety of pizzas, strombolis, sandwiches, subs, and meals. My husband and I split The Wissler stromboli, which had pepperoni, ham, banana peppers, and garlic oil inside. We opted for a cajun spice on top and it was served with the standard side of marinara sauce. What a delicious stromboli! It had a balance of sweet, tangy, spicy, crunchy, and creamy. I’d order this over and over.

The Wissler stromboli with cajun dusting
The Wissler stromboli with cajun dusting

It looks like there are right around 100 rotating taps at Als of Hampden, many of the options being Pizza Boy Brewing Company beer that is brewed on-site. While there were some fab choices like Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA, Weyerbacher Heresy, and Bell’s Two Hearted, I chose to sample the Pizza Boy offerings. I had a Pizza Boy/VooDoo collaboration that was a black farmhouse saison, aged in wine barrels. I also tried their Citra IPA, Arck Angel 4IPA, and tasted the Hoptart, an unusual sour-type beer brewed with grapes ( must?) and dry hopped.

Al’s of Hampden’s new building has been open for almost a year and when we arrived at 1pm on a Saturday, it was packed. Order your beer by its number on the board above the bar. I think using electronic screens for menu boards is so smart and while I’ve been to places that use them where it’s hard to read because of glare from windows, the menu at Al’s of Hampden is crisp, clear, and easy to read. The restrooms were clean and even with so many people at the restaurant and bar, there were no waiting lines. Lines are the worst, aren’t they? 

Following are shots I took while touring Pizza Boy Brewing Company. They have a lot going on back there and I would keep my eyes and ears open for more of them in the future, if I were you! 

I don’t make it up to Harrisburg often but would absolutely venture up there again just to go to Al’s of Hampden and have more Pizza Boy beer. If you want to know more of what’s happening in the capital city area, check out and Stouts and Stilettos.

If you’re interested in making a weekend (or longer) trip to Central PA, there are many excellent options! I’ll be posting some sample itineraries for you here on Fine Craft Living within the next month or so.

Als of Hampden and Pizza Boy Brewing Company in Enola, PA

The Details for Al’s of Hampden and Pizza Boy Brewing Company

Address: 2240 Millenium Way, Enola, PA  17025

Phone: 717.728.3840




Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 11am-10pm and Thursday-Saturday 11am-11pm


Gunpowder Falls Brewing Company | Fine Craft Living

Gunpowder Falls Brewing Company

Gunpowder Falls Brewing Company is located off Route 83, close to the Mason-Dixon Line on the Pennsylvania side in New Freedom. Gunpowder Falls’ namesake is actually a sizable state park in Maryland, between the brewery and Baltimore, where owner Martin Virga opened two breweries over the years and was owner of one of them. While many American breweries specialize in ales, Martin focuses only on lagers. He apprenticed and was formally trained as a brewer in the lagering Motherland itself, Germany, and brews his beer according to the German Purity Laws, or Reinheitsgebot.

The Reinheitsgebot states (among other things) that beer may only contain water, barley, and hops. Nothing else. Gunpowder Falls only uses these ingredients and no adjuncts in their beers.

What can you expect when you walk into Gunpowder Falls Brewing Company? It is a simple and functional brewery and tasting room that is located in an industrial strip complex facing the highway. When you arrive, you’ll enter at the rear of the strip and drive around for parking out front or in an overflow lot to the side. It’s right beside a cheerleading facility, Titanium Athletics. Don’t expect fancy decor and fine dining. Do expect outstanding lagered beer and a rotating selection of food options, clean bathrooms, and friendly faces ready to pour you a pint, fill your growler, or sell a case. During football season they  have the game on for you to watch on Monday nights and their normal business hours as of February 2014 are Friday 4pm-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 1pm-7pm. They have special events going on like beer release parties (which I highly recommend) and chili cook-offs.

I was invited to stop out for a tour and tasting and was thrilled to do so since I’d tried their Pilsner and Dunkel before and enjoyed them immensely. I was there a few days before a release party for their Schwarzbier and was able to give that one a taste along with their other flagship beers. One thing I like about Gunpowder Falls Brewing is that they focus on brewing a quality beer with quality ingredients and brewing it with consistency. They’re only making a few beers (all lagers) and they’re all right on style.

What’s the difference between a lager and an ale? There are several and here they are in a tiny little nutshell. A lager is bottom-fermented at cooler temperatures and takes longer before it’s ready for consumption. An ale is top-fermented at warmer temperatures and is often ready to drink quite soon after brewing. 

They do their own bottling in the back of the warehouse where the brewing happens. It smells beautiful, of course. The air had a lingering malty sweetness despite it not being a brewday when I was there. It is clean and tidy. If there are any doubts that Martin was trained in Munich, the labels on the brew panel that are all in German should lay those doubts to rest. There is plenty of room for Gunpowder Falls Brewing to expand in the future but in the meantime there are always at least two beers for you to taste at the brewery.

There will soon be a release party for the Export Hell, which “has a malt profile similar to the Pils, but over all is slightly sweeter (maltier)”* than their pilsner. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information on that.



It looks like as of right now, Gunpowder Falls beer is only distributed in parts of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC. Here in York, PA, it can be found in beer distributors and bars. I actually have a case of their Dunkel in my own refrigerator right now. 

Check out Gunpowder Falls Brewing Company’s lagers if you live in the area or are just passing through. Do you prefer lagers or ales? Do you have a favorite? Share it with me below!

The Details

Address: 15556 Elm Drive, New Freedom, PA  17349

Phone: 717.759.0330

Hours: Friday 4pm-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 1pm-7pm



Fine Craft Living

Tasting Notes: Stone Enjoy By 02.14.14 IPA

My husband and I recently judged our first homebrew competition. It was put together by Lancaster Homebrew (check them out for all your local homebrew needs) and Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster, PA. It was judged to BJCP standards – Beer Judge Certification Program – so while our judging was based on how we tasted each entry, we had to judge according to the style guidelines. It was a fantastic experience for me and something I plan to continue learning more about. I decided to occasionally post a review with my own tasting notes here on Fine Craft Living. You may see local brews, rare brews, or any others that particular intrigue me or even ones that I found to be underwhelming. This tasting notes review is for the new Stone Enjoy By 02.14.14.

Life is a journey, drink good beer along the way!

Tasting Notes: Stone Enjoy By 02.14.14 | Fine Craft Living

Stone Brewing Co. was founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1996 and is now located in Escondido, CA, and they are now the 10th largest craft brewery in the country. That’s excellent growth! They have more plans for international domination… 

The Stone Enjoy By beer releases are literally meant to be enjoyed by the date given on the label. These hop-dominate beers are intended to be bought and consumed quickly, before the peak freshness of the hop aromas begin dissipating. Judging from Stone’s website, it looks like this is the 14th Enjoy By release, the first one had an Enjoy By 09.21.12 date. As Stone says, this is “brewed not to last”. 

Tasting Notes: Stone Enjoy By 02.14.14 | Fine Craft Living
Enjoy By 02.14.14 IPA

This is the third time I’ve had this particular Enjoy By 02.14.14 release, twice in a bottle and once on draft. Here are my tasting notes.


Aroma: A strong pine and resin aroma nearly overpowered the citrus in the nose but not entirely. 

Appearance: This beer is a rich golden amber, crystal clear with no haze, and has an off-white creamy head that persists in a ring around the edge of the glass.

Flavor: Boldy bitter which hits the palate right up front and continues to the {bitter} end. I did note a touch of sweetness in the final moments. There is a mild malt backbone that somewhat balances the bitterness but not enough to hide the fact that this is a holy hopbomb. Slight alcohol warmth.

The scientific name for hops is Humulus Lupulus and it is the female flowering cone. It’s no wonder that women were the first brewers. Pink Boots represent!

Mouthfeel: Medium body and medium-high carbonation. Again, alcohol warmth but not hot.

Overall Impression: Super hoppy but it is balanced enough with the slightly sweet malt presence. This is undeniably bitter and probably one that will make the hopheads out there wanna weep with happiness (hoppiness?) but it is still smooth and very drinkable.

Go get ya some! 

Have you had this particular Stone Enjoy By release or any of the others?

Beer Photography | Fine Craft Living

Beer Photography

A small selection of craft beer and homebrew photography, all taken on iPhone 4 by Amber De Grace.